AVGC-XR Kerala Policy, 2024

Kerala stands as a beacon of excellence in education, boasting high literacy rates, near-total school enrollment, and a commitment to fostering a knowledge-based society. The state also shines in healthcare, with commendable achievements in low birth and infant mortality rates, life expectancy, and maternal healthcare, positioning it as a model for holistic human development. Kerala’s progress is comparable to that of many developed nations
AVGC-XR sector is undergoing rapid evolution in the country, emerging as a pivotal component across various industries such as entertainment, education, and tourism. Kerala’s early recognition of the potential inherent in AVGC-XR is poised to propel the state’s growth. This policy endeavours to present a comprehensive overview of the current status of the AVGC-XR sector in Kerala, delineating its potential benefits, challenges, and recommendations aimed at fostering its development within the state.
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